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Carpet Cleaning in Scottsdale


Beautiful carpeting is one of the easiest ways to make your home or business more attractive. Keeping your carpeting beautiful on the other hand, isn't as straightforward as you might think. A well-maintained carpet means doing more than a frequent vacuum. In the Scottsdale community, we offer competitively priced, high quality carpet cleaning services for homes and businesses. At HydroCare Services we offer our customers peace of mind knowing that they've made the best choice when it comes to carpeting maintenance. Your carpeting does the hard work of keeping your feet off the cold floor while also tying the room together. This hard work means regular upkeep and care are necessary to keep your carpeting in good condition. Regular professional carpet cleanings can prolong the lifespan of a carpet; improve your indoor air quality and keep your interiors looking gorgeous.

Carpet Dust & Dirt Removal

Most carpet manufacturers include a warranty with any installation. This means that your investment is protected from any future costs that may be associated with repair or replacement should something go wrong. What a lot of consumers overlook after they purchase their carpeting is that in the warranty there is often a clause stating that in order for any future maintenance to be covered, the carpet must be professionally cleaned every year or so. The deep-down dust and dirt that gets trapped in carpet fibers does more than make it look less than pristine, it can also do damage to the actual material. Regular vacuuming is an important aspect of caring for your carpeting, but a deep clean, using the proven method of hot water extraction, is the only way to really insure your carpet is clear of any damaging debris.

Airborne Allergen Removal

HydroCare Services uses the highest quality cleaning techniques to make sure your carpeting is protected from any damage due to dirt or dust. Another important benefit of a professional, high quality intensive cleaning is that you'll be protecting your health as well as your investment. Carpeting attracts whatever is in its environment, meaning that airborne pollutants, pet dander, allergens and gases often wind up in its fabric. When you have your carpet cleaned professionally you're removing these harmful particles from the carpet itself, but more importantly from your home. You may not think a lot about the air quality inside your home or workplace. These are spaces where you spend a lot of your time and improving the air quality in either of them will make a big difference to your wellbeing.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

A lot of wear and tear takes place on the surface of a carpet in a typical Scottsdale home. Keep your carpets fresh and free from pet dander, allergens, stains and dirt with regular deep steam cleaning from the experienced HydroCare team. A bi-annual cleaning of shampoo or steam cleaning for carpets, rugs and upholstery leaves your home looking and smelling fresh and improves air quality.

Commercial Steam Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning techniques start from the bottom up to keep your Scottsdale commercial location in tip-top shape. Our qualified technicians combine advanced industrial equipment with quality cleaning products and years of hands-on experience that efficiently eliminate stubborn dirt, stains and odors on any type of carpet. Impress clients with a fresh and inviting atmosphere; keep employees comfortable and healthy and improve air quality with our commercial carpet cleaning services from HydroCare experts.

Go Green by Keeping Carpets Clean

Save money and the environment by consulting with experienced professionals before throwing carpets out. Eliminate premature and unnecessary replacement costs with affordable twice yearly carpet cleaning. Regular stain removal and maintenance will lengthen the life of carpeting and upholstery and improve their lifespan.

Signs your Carpet Needs Cleaning

Some people in Scottsdale have their carpets cleansed on a regular schedule while others do it only when they feel it is needed. Here are some signs to look out for that tell you that your carpet should get a cleaning in the near future.

Stains: This is the most obvious reason to have your carpet professionally cleaned. Wine, food, mud or other spills can imbed themselves deep into the carpet’s fibers. If there are stains or spots that cannot be removed by household cleaning products then it is time to contact a professional.

Dull and faded: Does your carpet look old? Has its color dulled over time? It can be hard to notice if the fading has been a slow process. If possible, pull out a picture of the carpet when you first got it to compare. Often this fading or dullness is not a loss of the actual pigment in the fibers of the carpet, but rather due to the slow buildup of dirt and grime – similar to how tiles can look faded when left for a long time without a deep clean. The high-end carpet cleaning technology used by Hydrocare Services will bring your carpet back to life.

Smell: As carpets are made of fabric it is not uncommon that they retain unpleasant smells. You can try to cover these up, but that is not a permanent solution. This is because liquid often gets below the carpet’s surface where it becomes a breeding ground for mold, mildew and more.

Allergies: As mentioned above, allergens can get caught within the carpet and are kicked up with every step. If you find you are having allergic reactions when around your carpet, give us a call.

It’s been a while: When was the last time you had the carpets of your Scottsdale home or business deep cleaned? Has it been more than two years? It is a good idea to consider a professional cleaning. Why? More on that below.

Why should I have my carpet professionally cleaned?

Besides the reasons already stated, such as the removal of allergens, refreshing the look and removing stains, there are a few other important considerations to think about.

Longevity: Overtime small but hard dirt particles (think sand) get into the base of the carpet. When you walk over it, this grime starts to slowly cut into the fibers and detach them from the base. If not taken proper care of, the carpet will start to break apart, shortening its lifespan.

Cleaner air: Carpets actually trap pollutants and make the air cleaner…until they become saturated and fill the air with allergens when stepped on. Cleaning the carpet and removing the pollutants will bring it back to being an aid in good air quality, not a hindrance.

Maintain the warranty: To prevent a warranty on a carpet from being void, it is often required to have the carpet professionally cleaned every 12 or 18 months. Make sure to check the guidelines of your warranty so it still applies in the years to come.

Water Damaged Carpet

Carpets that are consistently exposed to moisture when mud and rain are tracked indoors are at risk of developing mold. Harmful mold and mildew can easily grow undetected in upholstery and carpeting and requires immediate attention following a flood, burst pipes or other means of water infiltration. In addition, the flooring beneath a water damaged carpet is also at risk for premature decay. HydroCare offers free inspections and specialty cleaning treatments for water damaged carpets in the Scottsdale area.

Specialty Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Trust our experts for professional care and cleaning of specialty carpeting including plush, loop pile, wool and Asian rugs. Using specially formulated dry cleaning agents and gentle yet effective techniques, your delicate rugs and upholstery are carefully handled and cleaned using a quick-dry method that restores them to their original beauty.

Carpet Cleaning Expertise

Carpeting is a long term investment similar to any other flooring. Keeping it clean and in the best condition possible not only saves money in the long run, but also helps to maintain clean and revitalized work and living spaces. HydroCare Service technicians are certified to clean all types of carpet fibers and are trained to apply the most suitable products and equipment. We provide free assessments at your Scottsdale location to determine whether spot treatment, steam cleaning or any other deep cleaning method is necessary. Whether you require carpet cleaning for high traffic areas at a busy commercial location, or within the lively living areas of your family home, benefit from practical and qualified advice on the best methods and treatments developed to maintain and lengthen the life of your carpets, rugs and upholstery.

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